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Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Dear BWINTAF network,

We hope you all are safe and well during these uncertain times. We are excited to announce the launch of the BWINTAF blog!

One part of BWINTAF's three-part mission is to create a collective space for black women who are academically, professionally and socially invested in the field of International Affairs, with a vision of making the field more accessible, inclusive and representative.

What better way to start achieving this vision than by creating a blog for black women by black women!

To be frank, International Affairs is elitist and often inaccessible to black people in general, but especially black people from under-resourced urban areas, which then leads to a gap in representation. The gap in representation across the field is stark and there are many reasons for it.

One reason is the lack of intentional outlets that allow black women to highlight their professional, intellectual and informal contributions in the field as equally worthy and valid perspectives as their counterparts'. Additionally, black women are often under-estimated and under-valued; we hope this blog will help change this fact by being an open forum where black women will become known from and shine in all their greatness, intelligence, and contributions that they have made or will make to the field of International Affairs.

We want this blog to be a space where women e-convene and share their thoughts on topics, issues, and events within International Affairs, and to be intentional about inviting upcoming global change agents and leaders to share! So, become a member of the site to comment and like the posts and to chat and network with other women!

Op-Ed submission topics can be your analysis as an expert on a niche topic, thought-provoking comments on current news events, bringing awareness to a cause, sharing personal or explanatory essays on your experience in the field as a black woman, and more are all welcome! We are interested in anything that is well-written with a fact-based viewpoint on topics, issues, and events related to the field of International Affairs. Below are the details!

Op-Ed blog post submissions must be emailed to contact@bwintaf.org every Friday by 3PM EST to be considered for the following week's posting. The selected Op-Ed will be published the following Wednesday at 9AM EST on the website and shared on all social media and with our listserv.

We will select an Op-Ed on Monday and notify the submitter Monday by 12PM EST that their submission was selected. All other submitters will be emailed Monday by 5PM EST indicating whether we have selected them for another week or decided that we will not move forward with publishing their submitted Op-Ed.

Each writer may only submit one Op-Ed a month

Op-Ed Formatting Instructions:

1. Submissions must be at least 400 words and not more than 2,000 words

2. Where relevant, please be sure to include annotations for all assertions and attributions made in your essays

3. In the header of each page of your essay, please include your first and last name, email, and preferred career title

4. At the top of your essay, please provide a 2 sentence description of who you are, the work you do within the field, what you have studied/are studying within International Affairs and expertise. You can list your degrees and university/alma maters. If you would like, please also provide us with a clear picture of yourself for the published blog post.

5. All submissions must be original, and emailed as Word documents. Prior to submitting, please double-check for grammar and spelling. If your Op-Ed is selected to be published on that Wednesday and there are spelling or grammar errors, we will make edits through track changes and send the document back to you for review. For your Op-Ed to still be published by Wednesday at 9AM EST, you will need to re-submit the Op-Ed by Tuesday at 9AM EST. If the Op-Ed is not re-submitted by Tuesday at 9AM EST, we will not publish your submission that week and there is no guarantee you will be published the following week/s.

6. Submissions may be sent to contact@bwintaf.org

We look forward to receiving your Op-Eds! Let us know if you have any questions.

Stay safe and well,


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